Península Valdés: Is a full day tour. It is recommended to leave early in the morning to take full advantage of all the activities offered in this tour. The total distance across the peninsula is approximately 500 km. The tour departs from Trelew or Puerto Madryn along Route 3 where a detour will lead you to the natural reserve area. After traveling several kilometers accompanied by the wide Patagonian horizon and the possibility of spotting wildlife like Patagonian maras, guanacos, foxes, elegant crested tinamous, we reach the Ameghino Isthmus. Visiting the Interpretation Center there is a must. At this Center, using models, videos and pictures you will be provided with information on the flora, fauna, the habitat, the conservation of the species and the importance of this natural reserve which has been declared a Natural World Heritage Site. A staircase will lead you to a viewpoint where you will get your first panoramic views in this tour. Here you will find a detour that will lead you to the Isla de los Pájaros (Birds Island) where you will be able to see a great diversity of birds. The next stop will be Puerto Pirámides where you will find the port from which boats depart for whale watching tours during the season (June thruDecember) and the beach that is well-known for its fine sand and calm waters. In the village of Puerto Pirámides there are different gastronomic options and shops that sell local crafts and souvenirs. If you are already in Puerto Pirámides, you can continue your trip to Punta Norte and Caleta Valdés where you will find colonies of sea dogs and elephant seals. These are gravel roads so it is recommended to drive carefully.

The whale season opens in late June though the booming time is October and November when all whale calves are here. Whales start to come in May and the last ones depart in the middle of December. The population of sea dogs and elephants seals is permanent over the year but the booming time is Summer when animal babies are born. Dolphins can be seen from November through April.


Punta Tombo: It is a haf-day tour. It is recommended to leave in the morning. If you are in Trelew, the trip is 110 km, of which only 34 km are of gravel. Passing the intersection of Trelew, you should take Route 3 where a detour half way will allow you to access Paraje Monte Triste which goes directly towards the reserve area. The Provincial Reserve of Punta Tombo is the most important continental colony of Magallanes penguins, where every year more than half a million penguins choose these coasts to procreate. It is possible to observe wildlife on the way (maras, Patagonian foxes, guanacos). It is recommended to reduce speed in the final kilometers since you may start seeing isolated the first specimens welcoming you to the place. At the entrance of the reserve you will see the rangers and a large parking lot. The tour may be self-guided with strategically located porters containing information on the customary practices of this particular species. Trailers may visited on foot. Taking food or camping is not permitted in the area where visitors are allowed. It is only a place of circulation. Here, the penguins are the “lords of the place”.You will be able to walk among them without disturbing them, to see their nests, turf wars and also their dips taken in the cold waters of the Atlantic ocean.If you are one of the lucky ones, you may get to see a birth.These cute beings walk slowly and they seem a little clumsy in land but they are very daring in water!


The Inner Valley of the Chubut River: It is a half-day tour and it is suggested to start it early in the afternoon.Valley locations, starting by Rawson (the capital city of the Province of Chubut), which is 17 km from Trelew, are visited.It is the administrative and governmental seat of the province.It has a very picturesque Civic Center and the main square has ancient trees.

From there, you can continue to Puerto Rawson. There you can see picturesque fishing boats of a deep yellow color contrasting with the blue-green color of the sea.At this point, the waters of the Chubut River meet the sea.

Opposite the pier you will be able to enjoy fresh sea food dishes at the traditional cantinas. If you love wildlife, here you will be able to board a ship for watching skunk dolphins. Unlike whale watching, this excursion is more dynamic accompanying the fast movement of these particular dolphins. Bordering the coast we reach Playa Unión, a seaside village with a beach of 2 km, mainly consisting of pebbles. Unlike Puerto Madryn and Puerto Pirámides, these beaches are in the open sea and they are a part of Bahía Engaño. If your idea is to taste the typical Welsh tea, before going to Gaiman, it would be good to stop in Trelew and to travel back in time visiting the museums. At the Paleontological Museum Egidio Feruglio MEF (globally known as one of the most important museums of South America), you may travel back to the era of the giants that lived in our land. At the Regional Museum "Pueblo de Luis" you will get to know more about the first Welsh settlers who inhabited the region. 400 mts to the left, opposite the bus station, a mirror of water known as "Laguna Chiquichano", together with "Laguna del Ornitólogo" (also called “poop” lagoon or "black" lagoon) are places where more than a hundred migratory species stop and breed. Some of these species include Southern flamingos, swans, brown ducks, yellow-billed pintails, lake ducks, yellow-billed teals, Chiloé wigeons, flying steamer ducks, rosy-billed pochards, silver teals, cinnamon teals, black-headed ducks, red shovelers, neotropic cormorants, phaloropes, hooded grebes, black-faced ibis, southern lapwings, South America stilt, seagulls, terns, herons, etc. Some of these bird species are endangered species.


15 km to the East you will find the town of Gaiman, a typically Welsh settlement where you can see the particular features of the culture and the landscape and also taste the Welsh tea (tea in leaves and a variety of cakes and pies as well as scons and home-made bread). Or if you prefer to drink some mate (a typical South American drink) beside the river, the willows will give the place a distinctive feature. The suspension bridge accross the Chubut River is an irresistible experience to live. On the other side of the bridge a narrow path to the right leads to a place called "La Agostura", where we can find rock formations on one side and the river arm on the other. They both accompany us in this winding road that allows us to see a great diversity of birds. If you want, you can continue your way through the chacras until you get to Dolavon. The large square full of trees is the meeting point of young people there. When you arrive in the city there is a detour leading to a viewpoint from which you can see the infinite horizon interrupted by the silhouette of plateaus formations that characterize the region. Here, the immensity of the landscape is completed by the typical picture of this valley plantations. The old tunnel through which the narrow gauge train connected the towns of the valley is still standing. If you go to Gaiman, you cannot help going through it with your car and go back to the past for a few seconds.



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